Fuji XT-1 and using the Peak Design straps

A quick strap hack!

I added my Peak Design straps to the XPRO1 with ease a few months back, threading the anchors directly through the eyelet on the strap mounting points. This meant I could get rid of those triangular split rings and the flappy black leather protectors. It also means I get to use their epic strap system!

So I figured I would do the same with the new XT-1 I recently picked up.
Well no…it wasn’t going to happen! The holes in the strap mounts are too small to allow the anchors to fit.

Not to be defeated, I tried various methods…
I found this the easiest way…

The other day I spotted a wire bag tie from an old loaf of bread on the floor in the studio… #lightbulbmoment

First push out the two small metal sleeves located inside the holes where the strap fittings go…
Next find something ‘pokey’ (full tech term) and push these out of the holes…. They are only there to protect the holes against wear from metal on metal fittings. They are also sharp and will cut through the Peak Design Anchors over a few months. You wont need them, but you can keep them to one side if you feel the need.

Next feed a the bag tie into the hole.


I then snagged the anchor and pulled it (quite easily) back through the hole and ‘pop’ you’re in business! 🙂

Peak Design Leash Strap on Fuji X-T1

I hope the images make some sense…


14 thoughts on “Fuji XT-1 and using the Peak Design straps

  1. Worked like a charm, thanks! Yes, it works with my x100t and x-t2 with the newest Peak straps, for those asking about it working or not. I pushed the metal insert through using the point of a knife to catch the edge, working all sides of the insert – literally took me 30sec each side. Thanks again man!

          1. Yeah. It’s so close but pushing/pulling it through hasn’t worked. Maybe my peak anchors are too new? Or the x100t holes aren’t as wide?

          2. better new anchors actually, try not to push them as you can damage the anchor cord. the wire i used was a stripped bit of bag tie wire the same they wrap your cables in when you buy new kit. On the XT10 it was quite a work out….

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