a little shout out to Tilley Hats

Hats! we all love hats….Hats are cool!
When I told my wife I was spending £90 on a Tilley hat she thought I was crazy – but now she wants a Tilley herself.

A hat is essential when travelling, it keeps you warm when it’s cold, and it keeps the sun off you when it’s hot. A splash of cool water inside any hat can also help keep the head cool in the extreme heat. It helps shade the eyes and stops that oh so attractive squinty face!

I’ve tried on a few, but I always keep a good woolly hat in my pocket and the Tilley hat in my bag or on my head. I’ve tried leather hats, cheap cotton hats, waxed hats, bush hats etc…but none have quite held up like the Tilley. I’d always wanted one, and finally I bought one.

The Tilley can be squashed, crushed, sat on, or shoved in a pocket! It makes a great frisbee, and even has a secret pocket (shhh, don’t tell anyone) inside to hide some emergency cash or your spare passport etc. Its always being used as bowl to keep stuff in on my desk during the day. It even has strings on it that will keep it on your head when sailing or in strong gusts, and there is a foam insert in the top to help the hat float if it needs.

If you feel the need to pimp your hat, there are all sorts of hatband options to try. I made a rough and ready hatband myself out of some strips of scrim netting from an old army scarf. I often soak this in deet to help keep the bugs away, and a regular coating of wax also helps the hat keep the rain off.

It’s about to go on a third tour around the world and is with me on most shoots come rain or shine. It has saved my head from a good few sunburns over the years!

Finding the right hat is a personal thing. Just ask Indy or Mick Dundee…..