Mavic 2 Pro, 1st flight

So first flight.

First mistake. – Seemed a bit quick off the mark and was all over the place. Turns out I had accidentally knocked the sport mode on. Not sure I like that new switch. Seems easy to knock, let’s see how that goes.

Anyway this thing flies like a dream in normal mode. I’m a rookie flyer, with only a few hours on my original Mavic Pro. <- this is for sale with everything you need. I only used it for photos.

So let’s get to the thing we all care about.

These are phone to drone transfers. Edited where mentioned. As is if not.

I’ll do more soon.

Any tips and stuff let me know.

All images ©️JohnRourke/AdrenalMedia (all rights reserved) contact for any use.

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Enjoy! 👌👍

Various exposures tried.

For the future I need the new ND filters but such a delay in getting them.

A few of the insta edits….

I’ll do more soon and some video.

Ciao for now!