Heading for Texas!

OMG it’s early! I’m sat on the train heading to Heathrow for the first of our long haul races. It’s off to the WEC 6hrs of COTA in Austin, Texas, USA.  

A few hours on the train to London, followed by the Heathrow express train to Heathrow Airport, then it’s the usual Heathrow shenanigans with security, followed by 11hrs on the plane. Pick up the hire car and then hit the hotel……and maybe time for a beer and burger in the city. I’m hoping there will be some cool movies on the flight and that I can catch some sleep. Between packing and working, I only managed one hours kip last night.

This trip is totally Fuji kit. I’ve left the Canons back at home for this one, and wow what a difference to my bags. It’s almost like I have forgotten something, in fact it’s worrying me I might have. There is definitely loads more space in the bags and they are much lighter than before.

In my bag:

  • 2 x Fujifilm X-T1’s
  • Fujifilm X-T10
  • 50-140 mm f2.8
  • 16-55mm f2.8
  • 18mm f2
  • 35mm f1.4
  • 90mm f2
  • Sigma 8mm
  • Lensbaby composers: with Sweet 35, edge 80 and a 50mm double glass optic with super wide converter.
  • Flash

That should be more than enough to play with for one trip. Although I’m really looking forward to getting a 10-24 at somepoint. I need some wide action back in my life!

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