Peaky Walkies with Moments Super Fisheye Lens

I’ve become a total fan of Moment lenses recently, I used to have the Olloclip set up on my old iPhone 6plus which was pretty cool. This no longer fitted my new 7plus when I upgraded, so I tried various random clip on type lenses, but nothing quite worked since the Olloclip. Frankly everything just seemed to fudge the quality of the iPhone camera. So I’d pretty much given up on the add on lens approach. But then, on Instagram I came across @moment and thought WANT!

I had just upgraded to the awesome iPhone XS Max 512gb which has an amazing camera, so what really drew me to @moment, was the anamorphic lens for video and those wonderful wide screen, xpan style crops . But you know how it is, once you start shopping, you just have to have the superfisheye (for selfies and funky location shots as well. Oh OK, and the 58mm for portraits, because you just have to! Oh, and a new shiny case, this you actually have to, as the lenses fit into the case in a secure bayonet fashion.

So fully kitted out with 3 lenses, I took off in the camper for Lathkill Dale in the Peak District.

I’ll admit, mostly I used the Moment Super Fisheye Lens, i just love it! I will post some of the anamorphic images later.

Gear used:

iPhone XS Max 512gb + moment case

Lenses: iPhone native lens, moment 58mm, super fisheye, anamorphic.

Apps used: Apple camera app, Moment app, Horizon app

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