The Fujifilm GFX has landed!


The Fujifilm GFX 50S landed yesterday, along with the 32-64mm f4. I’ve lusted after this camera ever since I tried the first prototype when I was in Tokyo, Japan, back in September 2016. It was sooooooo shiny, even then!

iPhone shot of Fujinon 32-64mm f4 iPhone shot of Fujinon 32-64mm f4
iPhone shot of Fujifilm GFX50s iPhone shot of Fujifilm GFX50s

As soon as it arrived, I skimmed the manual like you do while charging the battery (the worst torture known to man with a new camera!), then I flew out the door with an XT2 and a 35mm f1.4 as second camera, to a shoot I already had booked in with a band aptly named ‘Future Shinjuku’. I have to smile at the name because Shinjuku is one of my fave places in Tokyo, Japan and is only a few tube stops from Fujifilm Japan where I first tried the GFX. So obviously, a band with that name just had to be the first thing I shot with it.

iPhone selfie iPhone Selfie with Olloclip adapter

On arrival at the venue the lighting in the studio was shockingly dark. Luckily (well planned really 😛 ) I had in my bag a cheap eBay light stick I carry around, and some cinewrap as ‘barn doors’ to throw some light into the shot. I cranked up the ISO, while they cranked up the tunes!

The following images are shot from ISO 800 up to ISO 12800 and SOOC ‘straight out of camera’ Jpegs, that I wifi’d to my iPhone at the shoot!

ISO 12800 is a scary place I don’t venture into often, but embracing the grain is good in these kind of shots, what there is of it! In fact I’m starting to love it. Very film noir! I might start to investigate the grain filter another time as I’ve heard good things about it.

After about 2 seconds of holding the GFX I fell in love with this camera all over again, it just fits the hands, and has perfect balance, even one handed this camera is excellent. I think this camera system is the perfect companion to an XT2 or XPRO2! It just fits with the work style and flows perfectly.

If you have used any Fujifilm camera, you’ll be able to shoot on this right away (Well, as fast as you can charge the battery out of the box! Haha! ). I just fired it up, pressed the button and started shooting… oooow the depth to the images just makes your mouth water. Just amazing! Focusing seems good even on continuous mode, and the 3 frames a second is fantastic for following a face, particularly when the singer is full into his set and moving and throwing shapes all over the place. This camera is going to be amazing in the pit lanes of the world! I will take it with me all year!

After the session I also managed to squeeze in a few shots outside the venue, taking some portraits of fellow photographers Adrius and Paul who came down to drool over the new GFX.

I’m now squirming and impatiently waiting for the 110mm f2 and maybe the 45mm, if and when they come. I’m desperately hoping the 63mm f2.8 will arrive before my trip through the Alps and the Monza race testing at the end of the month. We will also need a 2?mm something at some point soon for big wide work so please hurry Fuji! 🙂

I may have to look into adapters too as I have seen some cracking f1.2 imagery coming out with these lenses.
The future is definitely GFX!  More to come very soon!

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