Mavic 2 Pro

The Mavic 2 Pro has landed!

Oh yes it’s here!

Having flown a Mavic Pro for the past few months, I eagerly waited the announcement of the Mavic 2 Pro. And so I jumped at the opportunity to own one of these as early as possible.

The original Mavic is awesome but this choice was mostly all about the camera for me! 20mp of optical camera porn. More on that stuff later!

So Finally it’s arrived!

Yes, Finally! Shipping from DJI in China was one of the worst tortures an impatient man can endure. But thanks to DJI and DHL it’s here 🙂 Finally!

I ordered everything I could. The Drone, the flymore kit, extra props, landing pad (something I should have had for the first mav) a 4th battery! (Yup that’s 2 hrs of filming!) Everything I could except the ND filters as they were not available yet.

I always try to get everything for a thing as I hate to be limited by missing things. Like spare batteries. To have one battery for anything always seems so stupid to me. Really anything you buy should have the spare included.

This isn’t a review by the way, all the tech and fluff is online at DJI so you can look there.

Anyway here it is…

As you can see it’s very similar to the previous version just a little sleeker. Still fabulously portable and very sexy!

Everything needs charging out of the box. So while those batteries and the remote charge I’m off for a snack and nap…

Yummy, yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Ok, all charged, then it’s software, firmware and aircraft updates and set up. I actually read the manual and checked out some YouTube’s vids on it too while I waited.

It’s too dark to fly now so let’s get it all packed up ready to go tomorrow…


Mavic Pro & Mavic 2 Pro, fly more combo bags.

As you can see the bag is a little bigger than the previous bag. But now you can carry everything to just keep flying!

Mavic Pro

Anyone in debate of buying a fly more kit, just get it. It’s kinda silly not to have it. Everything you need is included and its cheaper than buying individually.

Mavic 2 Pro and everything!

Wow look at that! Everything packed in the one bag, including the chargers! The drones a little tight on the rotors, but hopefully the bag will have a little give in it after some use. I might speed that up with a bit of tenderising.

A quick mention on drone choice…

As I mentioned before, the camera was the deciding factor in this. I love the zoom on the Mavic Zoom but the camera is still only 12mp. I want that glorious 20mp of hasselblad porn hanging on the front of the Mavic 2. The iso performance was also a concern.

A quick look at the comparisons between the three drones makes for an easy choice in my opinion. Hoping the firmware updates in future will allow for a stitched multishot image from the 20mp as they have on the Mavic zoom.

Right time for bed. I wanna fly tomorrow. Autumn is such a great time for images so I’m going to look for some colours in the trees and some textures. Can’t wait to rock this new hasselblad camera in the sky!

See you tomorrow guys!


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